Dynolex Smart List is a tool designed for easy and efficient trademark clearance searches. With it, you can swiftly input the trademark you’re investigating, run the necessary search queries, and accumulate the results.

Each set of results from your queries are added to your overall search results. This feature lets you manage all your findings in one place.

Coming soon, you’ll be able to filter these results for more targeted review. Also, the Dynolex Smart List can be shared with others, eliminating the need for superiors to repeat the same searches. They’ll have instant access to the search criteria you used and the results you obtained.

Make use of Dynolex Smart List to save time on your trademark clearance searches.

How to use – Example

Let’s say you are doing a trademark clearance search for ‘Dynolex’ trademark for class 9.

  • Query 1 – containing – DYNOLEX
  • Query 2 – starting with – DYNO
  • Query 3 – staring with – DINO
  • Query 4 – phonetic – DYNO

Now, you would run each of these queries and add them to the Dynolex Smart List. Once all the 4 queries are added to the Dynolex Smart List, you can review all the results together.

To begin with the default view will show ‘All’ results with duplicates being removed. We will also be adding ‘Filters’ for quicker reviewing of the search results.

Step by step guide – Images

This step by step guide will help assist you with using the Dynolex Smart List functionality when running a trademark clearance search.